Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Are Genetically Modified Foods Safe?

Genetically modified foods are everywhere, if you eat any processed food, you are most likely ingesting GM foods. I personally find that to be criminal. But Monsanto, the largest producer of GM foods and seeds, says every thing is just fine. They are making millions of course. Look at this small study done by a group of high school students in Wisconsin. My money is on the mice, they can't take kick-backs and bribes.
Why Schools Should Remove Gene-Altered Foods from Their Cafeterias

* By Jeffrey M. Smith
Comanche County Chronicle, Elgin, OK, September, 2008
Straight to the Source

from Institute for Responsible Technology, Spilling the Beans newsletter on GM Foods
by Jeffrey M. Smith, author of Seeds of Deception

Before the Appleton Wisconsin high school replaced their cafeteria's processed foods with wholesome, nutritious food, the school was described as out-of-control. There were weapons violations, student disruptions, and a cop on duty full-time. After the change in school meals, the students were calm, focused, and orderly. There were no more weapons violations, and no suicides, expulsions, dropouts, or drug violations. The new diet and improved behavior has lasted for seven years, and now other schools are changing their meal programs with similar results.

Years ago, a science class at Appleton found support for their new diet by conducting a cruel and unusual experiment with three mice. They fed them the junk food that kids in other high schools eat everyday. The mice freaked out. Their behavior was totally different than the three mice in the neighboring cage. The neighboring mice had good karma; they were fed nutritious whole foods and behaved like mice. They slept during the day inside their cardboard tube, played with each other, and acted very mouse-like.

The junk food mice, on the other hand, destroyed their cardboard tube, were no longer nocturnal, stopped playing with each other, fought often, and two mice eventually killed the third and ate it. After the three month experiment, the students rehabilitated the two surviving junk food mice with a diet of whole foods. After about three weeks, the mice came around.

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I am doing my best to stay GM free here, but it is a constant battle. The stuff is everywhere!

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