Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Organic Milk

Have you ever considered organic milk? What does that mean anyway, organic milk? Is it just simply that the cows are kept in high concentration barns and fed organic hay and grain? Or is it the other extreme where organic is raw milk? So many terms, it can get confusing.

-Most cows are kept in confinement for milking purposes, sad but true.

-Milk from confinement cows can be labeled "organic" if the cows are fed organic feeds, even if the cow never leaves her stall.

-A few new farmers are returning to the old ways of animal husbandry and offering humanely treated animals a wonderful life.

-And many of these new breed of farmers are offering a truly tasty treat, raw milk.

Now that for me, is the real deal, the honest organic. I am a "new organic" or raw milk drinker. Honestly, it's been great and the taste is fabulous! Check out this blog for more than you would ever dream of learning about real milk.

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